What is the best Sustanon

What is the best Sustanon 250 ?


  • What is the best Sustanon 250 ?
  • A very Common question that alot of people are asking us –
  • Which is the best out of Organon , Aspen and Swiss Pharma’s Omnadren  (formerly known as Jelfa)
  • well here is some information we have based on studies we have done and also our own expert experience and knowledge. We have all used Organon and alot have used Omnadren but Aspen is a little less known- Aspen is used alot in private TRT clinics in the UK.
  • Assuming all 3 are genuine pharma grade amps and not fakes then all 3 will do the same thing and all contain the same compound active ingredients testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone isocaproate & testosterone decanoate in each 1ml.
  • How ever they are not the same in some of them use different oils and solvents – we have found that all 3 came back with the same blood plasma readings and do exatly as they should howver the gains felt stronger with Omnadren then Organon then last in with Aspen Bodybuilders seemed to think they gained more from the Omnadren and Organon than they did Aspen.
  • conclusion is – all sustanon are not made the same but seem to do the same thing – of course genuine pharma ampoules you are guaranteed to get what is says it is.
  • from Under Ground labs we have also seen the statistics show the most favoured and time and tested results come from Bullion,Intex ,C4 Pharma and Cresco , alot of UG labs seem to not make genuine sustannon and often lable test enan or prop as sus – that is NOT sustanon
  • Trust your source and buy genuine Sustanon.

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