Trenbolone Acetate 100mg Zyroxx Labs


1 x Tren Acetate 100mg Vial.
Zyroxx Labs
Contains : Trenbolone Acetate 100mg / ml
10ml per bottle.
All oils have 2% Benzyl Alcohol & 20% Benzyl Benzoate for low PIP



♦ Zyroxx Labs ♦

♦ Chemical Name ♦
Trenbolone Acetate

♦ About ♦
Five times more potent at building muscle than testosterone … this is a phenomenal chemical and a favorite to many. Increases metabolism which in turn burns bodyfat. Massive increase in strength gains, vascularity, aggression in the gym. Tren Acetate is fast acting so more regular injections are needed – but results seen much faster. Trenbolone Ace is extremely Anabolic and will give very vasular gains with phenominal pumps.

♦ Active Life ♦
2/3 days.

♦ Detection Time ♦
After a period of 4 months, all traces of Trenbolone Acetate will be out of your system for purposes of drug testing – urine/blood samples.

♦ Average Dose ♦
100-700mg per week. (most use 2 ml maybe 3 per week)

♦ Goes well with ♦
Anavar, Anadrol, Dianabol, Proviron, Winstrol etc .. an oral addition would be ideal and also for a kick start. Can stack with Deca, Boldenone, Tren and most other anabolic/androgenic compounds. Ideal would be Testosterone and Masteron to combat sides and increase libido/muscle hardening. Alot use it with Testosterone & Winstrol to cut up.

♦ Expected weight / muscle gain ♦
10-12kg after 12-16 weeks. Massive lean muscle and strength gains.

♦ How fast to notice changes ♦
From day 3/4 as short esters will kick in after 24 hours.

♦ Side effects ♦
Possible increased aggression, sweating, insomnia. Possible tren cough while injecting so inject very slowly and have a glass of ice cold water on standby. can be mixed with Test to lesson the cough.