Nolvadex 20mg


1 x Nolvadex 20mg Tablets.
50 tablets per tub.
Expiry date: 2024

Buying Nolvadex tablets are Gluten Free
Wheat Free. Lactose Free & Suitable for Vegetarians.


Name: Nolvadex
Manufacturer: Gentech
Contains: 50 x 20mg Tablet

Viking Steroids Nolvadex

Nolvadex aka Tamoxifen was first recognized in the bodybuilding world in the late 1980’s by the great steroid guru Dan Duchaine. He believed Nolvadex could be used to help fight estrogen related side effects in bodybuilders and control the dreaded bitch tit known as Gynecomastia.

Dan Duchaine was indeed correct in his belief making Nolvadex probably the most popular post cycle therapy products on the market today.

Nolvadex works very similar to Clomid antagonizing the estrogen receptors by binding to them and preventing active estrogen from binding in its place.

Nolvadex – Side Effects

Nolvadex has been tried and tested by many veteran steroid users over the years, some bodybuilders love the stuff others prefer alternatives like clomid for post cycle therapy.

There are some who have reported reduced libido but others swear that it increases libido, the reality is that most of the negative reports on the side effects from Nolvadex are mostly due to abusing the stuff.

Unfortunately many people make the uneducated guess by using too high a dose or dosing incorrectly. If Nolvadex is used in the correct dosage for post cycle therapy you should not really notice any side effects.

Nolvadex – Dosage/Results

Nolvadex is best used at the end of a steroid cycle for PCT post cycle therapy. For a complete post cycle therapy after using multiple steroids it is best used in combination with Clomid and/or HCG. This will ensure you have no estrogen side effects and will help keep all your hard earned muscle gains. For the above purposes many users would start on a higher dose of Nolvadex and taper down over a 4 week period as shown below.
Week 1 – 60mg per day
Week 2 – 40mg per day
Week 3 – 20mg per day
Week 4 – 20mg per day

For during cycle use it is always best practise to start with a 20mg tab per day and see how your body responds, if you begin to notice any more bloating or water retention or puffiness around the nipple then increase the dose try an extra tablet per day and see how you respond. Two tablets a day should be suffice from here on, however if you are unlucky and still notice estrogen side effects then repeat the same process for another 5-7 days.