MSD HCG 5000iu


Chorionic Gonadotrophin 5000 I.U.
Sodium Chloride 1ml Ampoule


Name: HCG 5000I.U.
Manufacturer: Organon / MSD – Pregnyl
Contains: Chorionic Gonadotrophin 5000 I.U.

HCG by MSD is considered the best you can get in regards to branded HCG. In the bodybuilding world HCG is an essential tool you can use for post cycle therapy after or during a course of Anabolic Steroids.
The troubling part for many people who are new to HCG is figuring out how the hell to mix and use the stuff, then you go online to get some answers and BOOM its a minefield of conflicting information and your non the wiser.
Our goal here is to provide you with straight forward information that is easy to follow and understand. I personally have been cycling steroids for 23 years and have learned what works for me through trial and error.
You may have read online people are suggesting to run HCG during steroid cycle, however after trying this myself i am not a believer.. Im not going to say which is right or wrong but think about it logically, when you take synthetic testosterone your body stops producing it naturally. When you take HCG your testicles start pumping naturally again, if your taking testosterone at the same time your sending the brain two signals at once which in my book confuses the body.
After trial and error i am a firm believer in starting a decent dose of HCG 1 week after your last testosterone injection. You can literally feel your sex drive increase within a couple of hours..
How To Mix HCG…
MSD HCG contains: 1 amp of HCG powder

1 amp of Sodium Chloride 1ml
Snap the top off the amp containing the water solution draw it up into a syringe. Snap the top off the amp containing the HCG powder and very slowly add the water solution, once added slowly turn the amp round and round until all the powder has dispersed into the water. Your HCG is now ready to be injected. If doing less than 5000iu in one shot draw up the mixed solution and add to a sterile vial for multiple use.

Keep in mind HCG is active in the body for upto 5 days.

Common Dose: 1000iu every other day or 3 x 1000iu per week


1500mg of Testosterone per week – 5000iu HCG EOD

800MG of Testosterone per week – 2500iu HCG EOD

3-400mg of Testosterone per week – 2500iu HCG every 5 days

start 1 week after last shot of testosterone and use for 4 weeks,

Be mindful that your 5000iu HCG is mixed in 1ml of water solution, so 0.5ml is 2500iu. On an insulin syringe the number 2 would be 1000iu. HCG helps keep hold of your gains. Train Hard. Be a Slave to the Iron!!