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Anavar / Oxandrolone 50mg x 60 Tablets
Manufacturer: Intex Pharma

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by far the BEST and purest Anavar you will get, many Anavar 50mg Claim to be 50mg and alot of them are underdosed at around 15mg and some are even Winsrol as it is cheaper to make. Intex Pharma dont cut corners and use genuine Anavar




Anavar / Oxandrolone 50mg x 60 Tablets
Manufacturer: Intex Pharma


Chemical Name
Oxandrolone. Or better know as Anavar

Anavar 50mg information
Intex Pharma Anavar 50mg one of the best, most efficient and well tolerated (in terms of side effects) anabolic steroids you can use. Users will experience solid quality lean muscle along with strength gains using anavar 50mg . These ideal powerful tablets are 50mg so save time rather than consuming several tablets that are weaker per day the athlete can take 1 – 2 of these per day and get great gains along with serious quality look to the muscle. Users will notice a good pump with in a few hours of taking the first dose, and the gains you make on anavar will be quality so you are more likely to retain these gains once you finish the cycle.

Anavar will stack well with other steroids in bulking or cutting cycles but is very good when in a cutting phase of any cycle.

Anavar Half Life
8-12 hours in the body. Can be more

Anavar Detection Time
Anavar will be present upto 3 weeks after the last dose in the body. Athletes that are tested with blood / Urine test should allow upto 6 weeks off before testing to be safe.

Anavar Average Dose
50-150mg per day (male only over 10-20mg) the idealy amount is not more than 50mg – 100mg though.

Anavar Side effects
Anvar is very well tollerated and also compared to all other oral steroids apart from Primobolan it is very easy on the liver. It is one of the safest steroids available.

Why Intex Anavar 50mg

Simple ! when ordering Anavar 10mg tablets you get 1000mg , when ordering Anavar 50mg tablets you get 3000mg for less than double the price so its a great money saver as well as a fantastic product.